Il Tarì Scpa - having its registered office in Marcianise, Località Pozzo Bianco, Zona Asi, 81025 - is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who interact with Il Tarì Goldsmith Centre, entering in the Centre or using its services.

Il Tarì Scpa intends to accurately describe the management of the processing of user personal data, and to provide, moreover, Information Notes, pursuant to Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

All the information and personal data will be processed in compliance with the provisions above-mentioned and in accordance with the confidentiality obligations that are fully embraced by IL TARI’ Scpa.

According to the law, the processing carried out will be based on the principles of lawfulness, correctness, transparency, purpose limitation and retention, data minimization, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality .

The Holder of the treatment is IL TARI’ Scpa.

IL TARI’ scpa has a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The contact data of the Data Protection Officer is to forward any requests related to the processing of data.

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Organisational model.

The Tari 'scpa has deemed the choice of creating and implementing a system of prescriptions and organizational tools to ensure that the entire corporate activity is carried out in full compliance with the Decree in accordance with its company policies, in order to prevent and counteract the commission of offenses envisaged therein, severely sanctioning all behaviors at risk of committing them.

With this document, called the general part, once the corporate organization of the company has been reconstructed, we will proceed to eliminate and describe the reference regulatory framework, the purposes of the Model, the methods of drafting and revising this Model, as well as the criteria for adaptation and updating of the same; the rules for the appointment and operation of the Supervisory Body of the Company, OdV, with indication of the functions, powers and information flows concerning it; the disciplinary system and the related sanctioning system; the methods for disseminating, updating and applying the contents of the Model.


Ethical code.

The issue of the Ethical Code is one of the tools put in place by Il Tarì S.c.p.A. in order to ensure the dissemination and compliance with principles, norms and general standards of behavior, aimed at safeguarding the ethical values ??of reference.
The rules of this Code do not replace but supplement the fundamental duties of workers and do not exempt them from the dutiful observance of the civil and criminal legislation in force on the matter.
The Ethical Code is, moreover, one of the indispensable elements of the organizational-management and corporate control model. This text, on the one hand, adheres to the complex corporate reality of the Company and, on the other hand, also takes into account the inspiring principles and experiences gained from the introduction of the Decree, containing provisions specifically aimed at preventing the commission of the so-called crimes assumptions referred to in the aforementioned Decree.


Regulations for suppliers.

Do you want to become a Tarì Supplier? Are you the Trainer of one of our exhibitors? Become part of our accredited team. Reliability, product quality, advantageous prices, availability and problem solving are the indispensable requirements. Check the documentation required to start a supply. Contact our Purchasing Department.



Communication of received support

In 2020, the company received state support pursuant to art. 52, Law n. 234/2012 subject to the obligation of publication in the National State Aid Register and are indicated in the transparency section to which reference should be made.