Trust renewed for the next three-year term on the board of the Goldsmith Center il Tar

Trust renewed for the next three-year term for the Board of Directors of the Goldsmith Center il Tarì

President Giannotti: now we look to future challenges                  

Marcianise, June 27, 2024 - Analyzing and managing the profound changes in the jewelry distribution system and the many complexities related to the sustainability of the production chain, investigating the potential applications of artificial intelligence, and taking full advantage of the new opportunities of training: these are the challenges for which Centro orafo il Tarì is preparing, with the recent reappointment of the Board of Directors, chaired by Vincenzo Giannotti.

At the Members' Meeting, President Giannotti reported extensively on the strategies implemented over the past nine years, dictated by a clear vision of the Center, oriented toward the specialization of the supply chain, service excellence, member support and increasing the overall value of the Gold Center.

declares President Giannotti. "We have always worked consistently not only to ensure the best economic results, but also to spread a cutting-edge business culture throughout our companies. The results we have achieved confirm to me that we are on the right track."" We will make sure in the next three years that the youngest of our members get closer to the complex organizational machine of Tarì," he continued, "understand its logic and prepare to inherit the baton of our commitment with our same passion.

At the same meeting, the shareholders' meeting approved the Annual Report for 2023, which was aligned with the publication of the third Sustainability Report of the Tarì Group.

Growing economic results for the Goldsmith Center, with a positive trend for all activities: from fairs and promotions to services, which confirmed the historical choice of direct management of all activities.

Many investments have been made in recent years in the innovation and digitalization of the Center, which is now managed with the support of an integrated Crm in all business functions, with innovative data collection and analysis tools and with advanced skills in all functional areas.

Completed the revamping of all the Center's technical facilities and the expansion of the photovoltaic one, partly intended for self-consumption.

Important milestones finally also in environmental sustainability, with the achieved goal of 100% green energy consumption and offsetting Co2e emissions with international VCU (verified carbon units) certification.

Generating value for the community, promoting respect for people and the environment, enhancing the culture of the territory and supporting young people as the greatest resource for the future of companies: the principles behind the complex path of growth in compliance and respect for ESG principles of the Goldsmith Center il Tarì, which was recently awarded the "Ethics and Legality Award" for the Fashion System by Confindustria Caserta. 

The Tarì Board of Directors for the three-year period 2024/2026 is composed of Vincenzo Giannotti, Giuseppe Di Gennaro, Tiziana Di Gennaro, Giuseppe Casillo, Salvio Pace, Giancarlo Coscia, Pietro Capuano, Amedeo Giannotti and Francesco Scutiero.