Our catering.

Discover our catering services, both in the delivery formula and with the particular company agreements.

Delivery and takeaway
Book now by phone or whatsapp at 0823.517435 by 11.00

Do not forget to indicate the time slot of your lunch break, choosing the delivery from 12.00 to 1 pm and from 1pm to 2 pm

Self service.
Choose freshness and lightness every day

We know how to reserve the best welcome for you and your special guests. Discover the pleasure of dining at our à la carte restaurant every day and organize your business lunches with us.
Info: Tel. 0823517570

Tarì prive'
You can also book a private room at our restaurant for your business appointments. A refined setting for business meetings and business lunches.

For information: 3496382207 or acquisticatering@tari.it

Bar and Pizzeria
The sandwich, as we know, is not just a need, but a real pleasure break. Discover our sandwiches and the many snacks always available at our bar.

Info: Tel. 0823517435

Have you ever tried our pizza?
The quality of tradition and the speed of service, to guarantee you a delicious break every day in your working day.

Info: Tel. 0823517435