Welcome to Il Tarì

We inform all visitors that our Center is not open to the public. No personal buyers will be allowed.  

To gain entrance professional operators must be able to provide the certificate required to confirm its role in the jewelry industry.  

Professional operators can gain entrance directly at the reception by showing a valid identity card/passport together with documents required.


Retail Company must be able to show following documents:

1) Business license indicating that you are a retail business

2) Copy of personal identity card/passport


1) Company Registration Document 

2) Copy of invoice showing purchase of finished jewellery (made from suppliers) in multiple quantities within the last twelve months,

3) Copy of personal identity card/passport


Suppliers must pay an entrance fee of the amount of 69,00 + IVA, including parking fee. There is also annual subscription.

The first 20 minutes are FREE!

Parking for a 60 minutes period costs 2 Euro.  A day ticket costs 5 euro

Professionals and Business Consultant that have to visit one of Tarì Companies must exhibit a valid identity card/passport and wait for the authorization.

All guests must be picked up in the reception area and, at the end of the visit, must be accompanied back to this area from a member of the visited company.

They must wear the badge during their stay at Il Tarì and give it back at the reception.


Opening times  9.00 to 18.00, to Monday from Friday.

Free entrance.

Access to Il Tarì is denied to minors under 10 years of age.

Access is denied to animals.

It is forbidden to bring weapons.