A different idea of fair

The Tarì, thanks to its 400 in-house companies, is a permanent fair every day.

Furthermore, since 1998, the Tarì has been organising jewellery trade fairs. Successful appointments, that in years have consolidated the image of the Tarì at international level, giving it a position of prominence in the jewellery business at the Centre of Italy and of the Mediterranean.
Every year, in March, May and October, the Italian jewellery sector meets at the Tarì for the most important and selective exhibition in the Country. 

During each of these events, the Tarì hosts about one hundred external exhibitors, offering buyers a wide range of the best of the Italian jewel-making creativity, within an exhibition structure that as regards quality, refinement and hospitality has no equals in Europe and abroad.
We are proud to be able to say that our fairs have been certified from nay years and that they are included in the national calendar of fairs of international importance, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development.